​​​​​​​​​FACE Underground - PRODUCTION COMPANY   

Face Underground is a underground, avant garde, production

company that started by Mickie in 2007- Current.

It all started in Los Angeles on Melrose Ave. in a rented out 2,000 sq photography studio. 

We turned it into a 3 stage performance art / theater production annual event. 

2007 Part 1 "Expect the Unaccepted",

2008 Part 2 "Follow Me" 

   2009 Part 3 "Exchange"    

2010 worked with publications doing graphic design for local Magazines.

The took hiatus to be a  2010-2011 General Manager for Martini Lounge in West Hollywood.

2012 -2013 Then pulled back onset as a light technician for Markus Klinko

2014 - 2015 Face Underground going back into full production of

The Misfit Gallery. www.themisfitgallery.com  TX / Bishop Arts District

2015 - 2016 in Australia working on humanitarian photography exhibition.

New production set for 2018 : The relaunch of : The Misfit Gallery.

West Hollywood, CA after the new year.