Mickie was born in Bogota, Colombia to a Peace Corps Alumni Father and Peruvian Mother currently in the high fashion industry.

Mickie was raised primarily in Dallas, TX and traveled throughout her childhood. She found her love for Fine Arts @ the University of North Texas where she received her Bachelor of Visual Arts with a focus on Graphic Design, Photography and Experimental Art.

In 2003 she moved to Hollywood, CA. where she produced, wrote and directed Face Underground's annual avant-garde extreme performance art exhibitions. She also worked as a freelance graphic designer with JEMM Magazine. In 2013 she also worked on set with a internationally known fashion photographer, Markus Klinko.

From 2014 to 2015 Mickie launched The Misfit Gallery in Dallas. (Click interview from the Dallas Morning News for more details.) Mickie closed the gallery to follow her wife's dream job in coding and to live in Sydney. Inspired to create during the political times, Eva Ericksen, Mickie's wife, started Humanity Portraits.com and Mickie helped produce it along with being the National Manager / Strategic Partner for ArtSHINE Gallery and publicist for Black Eye Gallery.

The Duo just moved back to the US  in West Hollywood and are investigating a new space soon to re-launch. Keep checking for updates. 

Both Artist in the News Coverage as well as image of painting below : Artist zachariah b adams / https://www.facebook.com/zbadamsart/

This location is currently due to re-launch I got married and moved to Sydney and now back in West Hollywood. 

While in Sydney we were involved in 2 exhibitions. One with St. Willington Projects and the other Humanity Portraits.com. You can click and see our news coverage on who we are and what we are about. 

Currently looking for a new place to re-launch. Keep checking here for dates. Click to get involved. Open internationally and willing to ship depending on contracts. 




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Dallas Morning News Write Up